J Floyd is a singer-songwriter from the Finger Lakes Region of New York.  His rural upbringing heavily influences his writing.  Floyd’s Alt-Country style often speaks of life’s struggles and overcoming tragedy and heartache.  “He has big gutsy vocals with country overtones and driving rhythms”. 

J Floyd has experienced firsthand the hard work, sacrifices, and challenges of day-to-day rural living.  Songs like Winter Holler Blues reflect this.  Songs like Orange Gray and Still Reminds Me are influenced by this hard lifestyle that has its share of alcoholism and addiction.  Tragically Discontent, Rabbit, and Dancin’ with a Ghost are stories of triumphing over heartache and heartbreak.  Six Shot, Anna Lee, and Mary McCannon are classic murder ballad songs.  21 Guns is an emotional tribute to our veterans and their sacrifices for our freedom.

J Floyd is currently setting up a tour of the United States to share his heartfelt stories and to collect new stories and life experiences.  He is still searching out the stories of the hardworking American and putting them to music.  Reach out to J Floyd to book an evening of music and stories.